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Birds Are Dinosaurs: Tyrannosaurus

Birds Are Dinosaurs: Tyrannosaurus

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Discovering a letter from long ago in your closet is akin to unearthing a fossil. After many years, the handwriting reminds you that the person who wrote it and the time in which it was written did exist. That is one of the reasons why we value the culture of letter-writing.

As a child, we learnt dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago. However, according to current theories, all birds alive today are survivors of theropods, a clade of the dinosaur. We designed this letter set being inspired by that fact and hoping the culture will also last as long as human activity continues.

Cards: Micro-embossed pinkgold foil stamping
Envelopes: Logotype embossed

Foil stamped by Tokyo craftsmen in Cosmotech Inc.


1 card
1 envelope


138 × 186 mm (card)
153 × 207 mm (envelope)


Cards & Envelopes: Shin Bafun Paper N

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