About us


In today's world where communication is abundant, letters hold a significance beyond mere conveyance. For instance, when you discover a letter received in the past in your closet, it elicits a curious feeling, akin to unearthing a fossil. Similar to how examining a fossil confirms the existence of dinosaurs in ancient times, reading a letter allows us to believe that there was indeed a moment when it was written, evident in the handwriting and texture.

That moment existed. The person existed. Even if they are gone, they still exist.

Rather than the act of conveying information, the emphasis of the role of a letter lies in its existence. In other words, the primary significance of a letter is to give existence to oneself through words.

When viewed from this perspective, our work involves reconsidering and proposing the foundational tools of letter writing, disregarding preconceptions about the genre of stationery and its design.



Hitomi Kikuta(Producer) and Taishi Hori(Designer)