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Cactus Postcard

Cactus Postcard

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A refreshing cactus postcard created by screen printing three layers of ink in the order of mint green, turquoise green, and peacock green onto a high-quality cardstock in seafoam green, which has a gentle touch despite being thick and sturdy.

The cactus illustration is crafted using the technique of pixel art. The pixels are not just simple square fillings measuring 2mm on each side, but they are also combined with basic lines and plus symbols. Viewing from a distance reveals an unexpected depth.

We used to nurture cacti. While cacti remain quiet and don't express themselves, having them at home sometimes evokes a human-like sense of presence.

Cacti retain moisture even under scorching sun and protect themselves from external threats with their thorns. Moreover, they thrive in harsh environments where other plants find it difficult to grow, displaying a unique way of life.

Incidentally, I, Hitomi (Director) would send this to those who are facing challenging situations. May this single piece be of help to someone.

Hand screen printed by nandaka


A postcard / A pack of 3 postcards


96 × 148 mm


Colorplan 350gsm, FSC-certified

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