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Grid #1: Blue XL

Grid #1: Blue XL

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3.4 × 3.4mm squared grid

We designed this Grid #1 letter set inspired by the grid paper commonly used for notepads.  The grid paper helps you to write and draw and is perfect for giving someone a simple message. Having kept how it works, we redesigned it in a style that stands as a letter set. As a feature, the shape looks like a sheet of grid paper with an eraser to create the marginal area. The middle margin, where you can take a breather, overlaps with the double-fold line. Together with the soft-grey envelopes and the subtly shiny stickers, the total look and feel are unadorned but with a magnetic presence.

Writing Papers: Offset printed (Pink Master)
Envelopes: Logotype embossed
Stickers: Foil stamped

Offset printed in Osaka by Edobori Printing
Foil stamped in Tokyo by Cosmotech Inc.


9 sheets
3 envelopes
3 stickers


186 × 276 mm (writing papers)
207 × 108 mm (envelope)
69 × 21 mm (stickers)


Writing Papers: Marshmallow CoC, FSC-certified
Envelopes: Tone F, FSC-certified
Stickers: Uncoated Woodfree Paper

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