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Home Series: Ice Cream

Home Series: Ice Cream

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Home Series is focused on items to accompany you when you relax at home. It was renewed in September 2023, and now we have 15 varieties. This is a card with an illustration of a cup of ice cream. It's being shared between two people.

With the intention of providing comfort to both the writer and the reader of the letter, we combined two pleasant-to-touch papers. The card has a sturdy thickness and a smooth surface, and we rounded the corners to add a touch of gentleness. The snow-white envelope has a moist texture and features an embossed pattern resembling fluffy clouds. This design invites you into a calm world even before you open the envelope.

We took a different approach to the design process compared to our other series. The designer (Taishi) dared to draw the outlines in his usual notebook at a size of about 3 cm, and then enlarged and refined them. When he doodles in the corner of the notebook, it relaxes his mind and head, so we adopted this method to capture that feeling.

At first glance, it may appear to be a simple monochrome line drawing, but it is actually raised to the touch with the black lines standing out. For a little surprise, we put on embossing powder and heated up after screen printing each one by hand, giving an effect where the ink swells up.

Screen printed and heat embossed by us


1 × card
1 × envelope


80 × 130 mm (card)
90 × 144 mm (envelope)


Card: Gmund Colors Matt, FSC-certified
Envelope: Takeo Hammer Tone GA
Designed and printed in Chiba, Japan

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