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Tile Series: 01-09 Boxed Set

Tile Series: 01-09 Boxed Set

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Cards of 72.5 mm square dimensions in 9 patterns. We designed them with the intention of making cards that evoke the feeling of presenting a tile bought during a trip. Upon close inspection of the patterns, you'll find fine lines resembling brushstrokes, adding depth to the simple geometric design.

Foil stamped by nandaka


9 cards (9 styles)
9 envelopes
A dedicated box


72.5 × 72.5 mm (card)
75 × 75 mm (envelope)
81 × 82 × 25 mm (box)


Cards: A-Plan 157gsm, FSC-certified
Envelopes: Sable 64gsm
Box (Sleeve): Daiwa Itagami CLOUD GRAY, FSC-certified
Box: OK Float

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