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Tile Series: 06

Tile Series: 06

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A card in an unusual size of 72.5 mm square. The series was crafted with the aim of capturing the essence of presenting a tile acquired during a trip. Unlike standard business-card-sized ones, these cards are bi-fold, providing more space for writing.

Upon closer inspection of the patterns printed with blue, silver and white inks, you'll notice fine lines that resemble brushstrokes, adding the simple geometric design with depth. The blank inside, on the other hand, is a pale light blue. If you choose a writing instrument, it would be excellent with blue or silver ink as well as black.

The envelope takes the shape of a card case without a lid. On the back of the envelope, you'll find a finger-notch for easy removal of the cards by sliding them out.

The surface of the envelope paper features subtle linear bumps, offering a texture that complements the "brushstrokes" on the card. Additionally, the thin and slightly sheer paper allows a glimpse of the pattern inside.

There are a total of nine card patterns available, and a boxed set containing all types is also offered.


Card printed by Sanko Inc.
Envelope production and embossed by Nandaka


1 card (a folded card, blank inside for you to write a message)
1 envelope


72.5 × 72.5 mm (card)
75 × 75 mm (envelope)


Card: A-Plan 157gsm, FSC-certified
Envelope: Sable 64gsm

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