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Timpani Postcard (Pack of 9)

Timpani Postcard (Pack of 9)

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When you receive a new musical instrument, you feel so much love for it that you want to hold it in your arms. Have you ever had such an experience, even if it is not limited to musical instruments?

nandaka designer has drawn the timpani based on his actual experience of nandaka designer. The timpani are instruments that stand majestically at the very back of an orchestral or brass band stage, and are the percussion star.

After a year or two of study on the percussion instruments, You were delighted when you were finally assigned to play the timpani! On top of those, the timing coincided with new instruments for the orchestra, and brand-new timpani came in front of your eyes. It was too lovely for words. The illustration expresses such a moment.

Pop and lovely, three styles of color pallet.

Yellow × Grapefruit Pink: 3 cards
Brown × Mint Blue: 3 cards
Pink × Sweet Potato Purple: 3 cards

Each illustration is drawn by two-color pixel art. There is a retro feel reminiscent of the Super Nintendo era, and you can almost hear the fanfare of clearing the stage. (and of course making the sound of Timpani!)

The human figure looks like a human being, and the timpani looks like a timpani, so we rounded the corners and made polka dots to make them look cute, not just a pixel. It is like a happy atmosphere is radiating from their whole body. 



9 × card (3 styles × 3 cards)


96 × 148 mm



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