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TURBO Card: Black

TURBO Card: Black

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Full speed, one leap, straight ahead. These cards embody the essence of those words in their design.

The movement of a person doing a long jump with all their might is depicted in three frames. The fine lines that form the illustration are as narrow as 0.12mm. Through letterpress printing, they are sharply engraved on the paper using silver and gold inks.

In contrast, the "TURBO" text is intentionally left unprinted, creating a raised effect on the paper.

The completion of the design was achieved through a two-plate printing process: first printing with silver, and then overlaying it with gold. With such delicate lines, there was a risk that the alignment between the silver and gold parts might be slightly off during the second printing, affecting the clarity of the image and the "TURBO" text. However, the skilled professional handled it perfectly and produced impeccable prints. Please do enlarge and take a closer look.

See the white version here.

Card: Letterpress-printed by PRINT + PLANT
Envelope: Handmade and logotype embossed by nandaka


1 card
1 envelope


96 × 148 mm (card)
108 × 162 mm (envelope)


Card: OK AC Card (made in Japan)
Envelope: Eco Raxa (made in Japan)

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